Products Reviews!! is where you can get these adorable, fun, cute, rattle socks. They offer for boys and girls 0-12 months.. My baby girl loves the design and that they rattle.. I love the quality , colors … Make sure to check them out .. P.S. they come packaged so nicely… perfect for baby shower, new baby gift.

Very cleansing , refreshing , light products from Korea! Love the peeling gel, my face was very smooth..

Simplemills products are soo tasty, natural, easy to do . Love that company , new FAN!!!

Petqwerks has amazingly fun toys for both cats and dogs. My boxer loved the squeaky blue ball and chicken flavorit! – All things pets related!! 

These bags came in very handy, especially the leash clip! As I was saying on Instagram, before these came in , I used to stuff my pockets with random grocery bags just to take a walk with my boxer . Now these fancy pants came in , the clip is so easy to use, I’m sure I’ll be enjoying my walks more😂.
I love these natural products !!! Up here you see deodorant, rash block, and nutrasporin! I’ll start with deodorant – it’s so light , non fragrance , somewhat watery ,  surprisingly moisturizing and blocks out odor !! What??! I had to try it for couple days before posting review and it truly is the best deodorant . Rash block I haven’t used yet… And nutrasporin I also love . Natural ingredients , that are food edible and works similar as neosporin!! Great job guys . Your products are awesome !

Take care of your health with these herbal tonic supplements!! I love the part where it’s healthy, but the smell is not all that great on these .. (So just pinch your nose and go for it)
Happy boy chewing away on his bacony smell Bone Toy from benebone.. He doesn’t know it ain’t real , so he will definitely be entertained for couple hours❤️ For lots more durable toys check out
These masks are sooo soothing!! It’s a green tea facial mask, that feels like you’re at the spa .. Plus it’s anti-acne, which I love ! To get yours check out

Received Upspring Breastfeeding supplement for review. And I love the chocolate flavor. You can stir it in cold or hot milk. (For summer I prefer cold) And it did increase my milk supply by about 1-1.5 ounces per pumping session (Yay). Now I also received berry flavor and orange flavor , and it’s not my preferred taste… Chocolate is wayyyy better! Love the fact that it’s natural, gluten free, and non gmo!!! To order yours and for more amazing products that Upspring has, check out
You guys know I love face masks, especially natural as these are . They are made with honey bee propolis. Instructions were to leave it on for 20 min and then take it off. As soon as you put it on , it starts to sting. But I sat all 20 minutes with it , and face gets baby soft and moisturized which I love !!!  You can check them out at . Another amazing product from Korea!!

Received this anti wrinkle/ whitening cream from Korea, and am loving it. The scent is too good, I’ve been sniffing it over and over again ( can’t get enough)! It does whiten your face , so better for winter use, face feels smooth, firm  and soft.. 

Let me just start out by saying this tea is by far the best tea I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried a lot of teas). INCREDIBLE taste , love the fruit pieces and that its BEAUTY tea. Can’t get any better!!! I will for sure order more beauty tea. It also has a bunch of health benefits.. And thanks guys @healeaftea for letting me try this tea and for the jolly ranchers . You guys are too sweet . I’ve tried all 3 teas and Beauty tea is my favorite, followed by stress relief (jasmine flavor). The skinny tea (lotus rose) – I prefer more flavor teas , so this one particularly I didn’t like. To order your tea go to :