Subscription Boxes Reviews!!

Monthly stickers! This month was back to school theme and my almost 4 year old loved it!!! Lots of fun and the best part is you can entertain your kids with this on road trips, doctor offices, planes …
Let’s start by how comfortable their apparel is.. (I wore mine all day hehe). Plus you get bunch of supplements, tea, snacks.. 😋. Everything fitness related with the most cutest and comfortable apparel👍

Organic subscription of tampons delivered monthly.. I love their wipette and Rose mist! Check them out if you care what goes up in there😄! 

I was giddy as a kid while unwrapping all the goodies from disney !! You get a variety of treats and snacks for $60 (that’s how much my box was) , they have other boxes and prices too. And while unwrapping you can really feel the Disney magic !! In my box I received cheese popcorn ( the best ), Minnie cookies, Ariel honey and vanilla cookie – my daughter loves Ariel and she was soo happy when she saw it , Mickey Rice Krispie ( so soft ) – probably the softest, yummiest I’ve ever tried, 3 lollipops , a red caramel apple and goofys sour cherry balls – these reminded me of maranschino cherries, the taste so delish, not hard, not overly chewy, just PERFECT! Check them out and order your box to taste the Disney treats ! 
Cutest stickers around !! I love kawaii! They have different themes delivered monthly! Check them out at

Spicy delivered monthly!! Perfect for many dishes. A great variety! Frying some meat , to try the hot sauce .. My mouth is getting watery just thinking of the spice! Check them out if you enjoy spicy!
Angelina was beyond excited with the 4 books she got from bookcaseclub. It kept her entertained and quiet for at least an hour ! I couldn’t believe how much each of them was ?! Like $17.99 and up each ! Wow! You’re getting a very good deal with their monthly subscription ! Log onto their website for prices and also they have different theme books (not just for kids) at

Monthly teas for you,  delivered !! As on Instagram I was saying that I liked the smell of the berry tea and that was my favorite (such a natural berry tea ) ! Check them out for enjoyable hot tea variety every month!
Take a whif of some car air refresheners!!! My favorite scents are mr.fresh and sport! It gets better…. They deliver monthly!! No more shopping and sniffing in store aisles!!!

Cute miniature figurines delivered monthly !! Tiniest things ever – with such detail!!! Now I need to get a dollhouse for all of this and I will be happy!😃

Nail polish time❤️! Such a wonderful subscription at ! I really enjoyed the blue tone – because it will match all my jeans (hehe) ! The purple one my daughter loved , and she did her own nails while I wasn’t looking🙈. (You can imagine)! I feel neutral with the orange tone … (Maybe with some sparkle) But every month you get different colors so check them out!!
As soon as I opened this box , I was like that’s it … It’s workout time!!! This wodbom box had such a great selection of pre and post workout things. While I was checking the items out I was nibbling on some organic macaroons from Emmys … (does that count as working out?) LOL.. My husband gave me a massage with the TRoller:) Check them out for all things fitness related at
There isn’t any better cologne that I have smelled … These are oil colognes and they smell AWESOME! My husband tried them and he enjoys all of them , especially Versace version !! He hopped onto their website to order Versace version , to see they are still launching . So keep a very , very close eye on them to order yours . You will not be dissapointed ! I know we will be returning customers . P.s. Can’t stop sniffing him.. Hehe.. Check them out @
I’m a coffee addict ! Drinking about 3 cups per day… And this amazing company, website will be below, has a subscription box , that sends you monthly coffee and every month it’s different! Who wouldn’t enjoy that? In July I got the blind tiger brand. The aroma followed me home from the mailbox. This coffee brand is as coffeelicious as it gets.. I truly enjoyed it☕️💙. Now for their website:


Get your 30 day supply of perfume for just $15/month.. You choose your own scent:) (Which is Awesome) I got the DKNY Be Delicious and it smells yummy.. Love it that you can always keep it in your purse, and especially when you go on vacation (who wants to carry a whole bottle?) I also received two more additional samples which I loved. 

Buddy sure danced around his petgiftbox!;) As you can see ears were flopping left to right. In July box we got 3 toys and 2 bags of treats!! His favorite was the bone toy and chillout treats! It was beach theme and he sure enjoyed it running through sprinklers with his toys … If you have a doggy checkout and use code “BoxerBuddy” for 50% off your first box! 

Received my @bootaybag! And loving it….! They offer 2 pairs of undies for $12 a month. I got these to review .. And all I can say is I love the lace, color, design and quality on them!! I might have to subscribe myself!! Check them out at . 

When I received this box for review , I was pleasantly surprised that most of their stuff was organic and tasted soo good . The cookies and waffles were gone instantly (as I love sweets). Acid drops were my favorite (they lasted a long time in my mouth), and chewie fruities were a better version of starburst (better as in better tasting flavors). I also received an additional item , which was the quince and apple preserve (that was delish , it tasted homemade ) Get this monthly box with variety of goodies and with code “dianamarko” you get double the sweets in your first box:)!

This is one of my favorite boxes . It had sooo much stuff.. It felt like Christmas in July!! And it’s all so perfect for summer, it had: sunscreen; nail polish; face moisturizer; moisture eye cream; tinted cc samples; eye line pencil; nail stickers; 2 packets of different masks (I’m excited about these, can’t wait to try them, I love a good face mask) one is diamond brightening and the other birds nest Aqua ; If you would like to order a box for yourself check out @pinkseoul #pinkseoul #lovepinkseoul #monthlybox #subsciptionbox #getitinmymail #goodies #summer #beauty